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NFL to Host First-Ever Flag All 32 Summer Invitational in Washington, D.C.

64 Youth Flag Football Teams Representing All 32 NFL Clubs to Participate

For the first time ever, the NFL will host the Flag All 32 Summer Invitational, a two-day tournament that will showcase NFL FLAG youth teams from across the country. The tournament will be played across two leagues of flag football, 14U Coed and 17U Girls, with each league comprised of 32 teams, each representing a different NFL club.

The Invitational, activated by RCX Sports, marks the first time that every club will be participating in a youth event together to promote participation in flag football and will take place on the RFK Campus in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, July 29, and Sunday, July 30.

“The NFL FLAG All 32 Invitational gives each NFL club an opportunity to celebrate flag football as well as allowing participants to compete with players from their home market,” said Roman Oben, NFL Vice President of Football Development. “The tournament also gives fans an opportunity to see a growing group of flag players and how they stack up against their peers.”

The 32 flag football teams in each of the 14U Coed and 17U Girls leagues will compete in eight divisions across two conferences, where each team will compete against the other teams from their NFL clubs’ division. Each of the four division winners as well as four wild card winners from each conference will move into an NFL-style playoff format, a single-elimination tournament until there is one representative from both conferences remaining. In each of the two leagues, the championship games will crown the 2023 NFL Flag All 32 Summer Invitational Champions. All flag football teams in the Invitational must be participating in an active NFL FLAG league.

“The All 32 Summer Invitational is another opportunity for our team to highlight the amazing youth talent that NFL FLAG is developing throughout our leagues,” said Izell Reese, CEO and Founder of RCX Sports and a Flag Football Ambassador. “By inviting and funding competitive teams from across the country to join this breakthrough tournament, we are able to take away the financial barrier that some competitive teams may face.”

Flag football is one of the world’s fastest-growing sports disciplines, played by over 20 million people in more than 100 countries, across every continent. It is the most inclusive and accessible format of football, played by people of all ages and genders, with female athletes driving some of the fastest growth. Reese and fellow Flag Football Ambassadors Torry Holt and Tony Richardson, will appear at the 2023 NFL Flag All 32 Summer Invitational to promote the growth of flag football and bring awareness to the Invitational.

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