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Resources to Stay Active While at Home

The NFL, its teams, players and partners are coming together to do their part in supporting the country as they try to tackle the issues arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some resources on staying active — and having fun — while at home.


  • NFL Way to Play Tips – Current players and NFL Legends share tips and advice on proper nutrition, physical preparation and maintaining offseason fitness.
  • NFL Way to Play Virtual Workouts – Trainings for ages 14 and up that can be done anywhere at home and without much equipment — all you need is a little space and some determination. 
  • 49ers PREP Workouts – At-home workout series focused on health and wellness, football and flag football. A “Workout Wednesday” series highlights workout videos from 49ers players, the team mascot and fans each Wednesday over the next weeks.


  • NFL Way to Play Tips – Best coaching practices and advice on how to coach each position on the field. Get access to videos to build a coaching style, set standards for young players and more.
  • Atlanta Falcons Virtual Coaching Clinic – Clinics focused on topics related to coaching techniques and developing student-athletes at the high school level, all hosted by the Falcons and head coach Dan Quinn. Every week, the Falcons collect questions from high school football coaches and record Coach Quinn or others answering them. All Q&A videos can be found at
  • Detroit Lions Virtual Training Hub and Coach Hangouts – Interviews with coaches around Michigan discussing their struggles, outlook for the season, and challenges facing youth sports.
  • USA Football Development Model 60 Ways to Play Guide – Interactive resource that uses basic exercises and programs to develop physical literacy. The exercises and games teach fundamental movement skills in an engaging manner, creating fun experiences.
  • INSIDE OUT – Bi-weekly messages to high school coaches that contain ideas, best practices and curriculum to stay connected and engaged with students. Follow @ISOInitiative for more information.


  • Detroit Lions Virtual Training Hub – Drills and activities to help kids stay active at home. The videos are free to the public and suitable for ages four and older.
  • INSIDE OUT Parents Playbook – Learn how to create a fun and enriching sports experience for high school student-athletes. 
  • MyFuture – Over 185 Boys & Girls Club program activities in areas such as STEM, leadership and the arts. Kids and teens can learn new skills, connect with their friends, and earn recognition and rewards in a safe and fun online environment.
  • YD Toolbox Mobile App – Provides quick and engaging learning experiences focused on supporting young people's social and emotional development. These tools help adults build communities with youth, spark meaningful conversations and maximize learning.


  • Character Playbook: Healthy Relationships & Mental Wellness Basics – The NFL, in partnership with United Way Worldwide, is providing access to, two innovative digital learning experiences for middle and high school students to support remote learning. 
    • Powered by digital education leader EVERFI, Healthy Relationships uses evidence-based strategies to educate students on how to maintain healthy relationships during these critical years. The six-module course takes 2-3 hours to complete and meets National Health Education Standards (NHES), CASEL Social and Emotional Learning Competencies, and Common Core State Standards. 
    • Mental Wellness Basics helps educators foster mental wellness in their classrooms and equip students with lifelong mental wellness skills. Mental Wellness Basics is intended for high school students and has been made free for the time being. This course, also powered by EVERFI, meets National Health Education Standards (NHES) and State Academic Health Standards. The four-module course takes approximately one hour to complete, and covers topics including Mental Health Basics and Healthy Coping Skills. Tips for teen mental wellness are also available.


  • Join in on NFL FLAG’s #FLAG5 Initiative. While you’re home, get in five minutes of FLAG! Whether it’s playing, running drills, throwing a ball or just getting some exercise, it’s important to stay active. Show off how you are getting your five minutes of FLAG. DM your video to @NFLFLAG on Instagram or send an email to
  • Follow @LionsYouthFB as they share a series of basic football drills — stances are instructed by local high school coaches, youth coaches, and the Detroit Lions football education staff. Use #BackyardFootball to join the conversation.